·      Part of ASALUs (ASEAN Alliance Universities) in the “Consortium of International Human Resource Development for Construction of Disaster Resilient Countries” program.

·      The involvement of undergraduate and post-graduate students in various ITB Featured Research activities


·      Development of the 2010 and 2017 National Earthquake and Hazard Maps·      Development of SNI 1726: 2012 and updating SNI 1726: 2018 related to Procedures for Planning Earthquake Resilience for Building Structure

·      Development of Technical Guidelines (Tsunami Immersion Hazard Maps, Planning of Tsunami Temporary Evacuation Sites (TES), Design of Tsunami TES Building Structures and Hill Design as Tsunami TESTs).

Community Outreach

·      Part of the University Forum for disaster risk reduction (FPT-PRB) in the activities of the Institutionalizing Disaster Preparedness and Management Capacity of BPBDs in Indonesia through Technical Assistance and Training Teams (TATTs).

·      Development of a disaster resilient university model.

About Us

Center for Excellence in Science and Technology that produces discoveries and innovations in the development of superior and respected seismic science and technology in Indonesia.

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